Six Common Mistakes To Avoid When Advertising On Facebook

Six Common Mistakes To Avoid When Advertising On Facebook

You might be working day and night, working on a Facebook advertising campaign but still, you don’t see any results that satisfy you. Does this sound all too familiar?

Well, not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes that people make when advertising on Facebook.

1) Undefined Objectives and Goals

The first step to a successful social media marketing strategy is to have measurable goals and develop a strategy from the beginning.

Having a clear vision of your objectives will help you develop the right strategy for the goals you want to achieve.

Facebook advertising has one of the following goals:

  • Do you want to increase traffic to your website?
  • How to increase conversions or direct to a specific landing page?
  • Do you just want to take a one-off action that leads to an immediate sale of a particular product?

Knowing your goals before you start your campaign can help you accurately measure whether you’re getting the results you want. Also, if things don’t go according to plan, you can suspend or change campaign parameters instead of wasting money.

2) Unmanaged Audience Targeting

Brands and companies mistakenly target small groups when they need to target a wider audience, but they can also be guilty of targeting the wrong audience. This is neither surprising nor unusual.

We’ve seen many major brand campaigns stagnant because companies didn’t research their target audience or the message they wanted to hear across the platform, including Facebook.

Marketers often mistakenly target their audience when creating marketing campaigns of all kinds, but this misstep is even more dangerous when investing in paid promotions such as Facebook ads.

If you don’t direct your ads to prospects who are interested in what you’re offering, you’re wasting your ads just to know that no one has visited your website

To avoid misalignment in all aspects of your marketing strategy, we recommend that you develop one or more buyer personas per product or provide the services that your company sells. Creating a persona gives you more information about the average buyer’s age, job, and other information you can use to target your Facebook ads.

3) Losing Track Of Old Ads

One of the most common Facebook ad mistakes most marketers make is to create new ads and abandon them for a few weeks. It’s important to analyze your ad performance daily. You need to prevent your audience from seeing the same specific ads every day. If you don’t monitor your ads, you won’t know if your campaign is achieving the goals you set.

Keep the following in mind when checking the progress of your ad:

  • Ad frequency
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Rate of Conversions
  • Total leads generated
  • Ad performance by type and placement
  • Clicks generated by interest

4) Creating Boring Content

Advertising platforms like Facebook ads target your ads to your target audience. This increases the chances of a Return On Investment. However, when an ad is delivered to a user, the user cannot click on the ad unless the content is valuable or entertaining. For this reason, you should only pay to deliver great advertising content that attracts your audience.

To create an ad worth clicking, first determine what kind of content your viewers like most. For example, are viewers more interested in video posts than text-based posts? Or do you prefer photos and carousel content to other content types?

Learn as much as you can about which content gets their attention, then focus on those formats. Once you’ve decided what kind of content you want to serve your audience, you need to investigate the type of message that attracts your attention, prevent users from scrolling, and get your ad clicked.

5) Too Many Things To Test At Once

Testing different types of Facebook ads, especially those with images, in your desired audience is fine and noteworthy. However, you need to be careful in testing and know which advertising characteristics have the greatest impact on your audience.

Another common mistake with Facebook ads is not to separate test variables. Without separating ad variables, it becomes difficult (or impossible) to know for sure which factors elicited a more positive response than usual.

6) Running Too Many Ads

One of the most common mistakes most businesses, especially small businesses, make is to create very complex advertising accounts.

You can see that you run multiple campaigns with one ad account and have too many ad sets.

This only reduces efficiency and causes a lot of confusion. If you have a very complex advertising account, it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s happening.

To take full advantage of the Facebook algorithm, you need at least 50 to 100 conversions per week for each ad set. Achieving this requires a significant budget to enable Facebook to serve ads efficiently.


Facebook, like most social media platforms, holds great potential for advertising. However, to achieve this said potential you need to go the extra mile and avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

You need to establish a connection with your audience to know their likes and dislikes as the most common mistakes. They were examples of a lack of knowledge about one’s audience.

So, get to know your audience and create enticing ads that they’ll prefer and you’ll see your failing strategy turn around in no time.

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