SI Global Solutions As A Maritime Equipment Company

SI Global is an integrator, developer, solution provider, and maritime equipment company. We specialize in the design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) like Marine Lights, Navigation Buoys, Mooring Buoys, Single Point Mooring Buoys (SPM), Conventional Buoys Mooring (CBM), Marine Floats, Port Entry Lights, Lighthouse equipment and Monitoring & Control systems. With the contributions of our dedicated and experienced team, we are committed to ensuring safe and reliable harbor/ port operations.

SI Global’s Maritime Division

As an expert in Maritime Equipment Services, SI Global has a 100% market share of Aids to Navigation Business in Pakistan. We are actively working at all sea ports in Pakistan, and are highly trusted by all valued clients. We appreciate having links with other Maritime Organizations and we intend to serve in their Aids to Navigation sector with our world’s No.1 Product “Sealite” which we represent in Pakistan.

Other Products & Services for the Maritime Sector in Pakistan

- Poly Ethylene Buoys & Mooring Buoys Sealite Australia
- MS Steel Channel Buoys Locally Fabricated by SI Global
- Solar Marine Lanterns For Buoys and Barges & Beacons
- Leading Lights, Sector Lights, Marine Lanterns for Light Houses
- Port Entry Range Light, Bridge Lights & Area Lights

- Rear Leading Lights and Front Leading Lights
- Monitoring & Control Systems for Sea Ports
- Mooring Systems and Connecting Weights
- Annual Maintenance of Maritime Equipment

Our Valued Customers Are:

Port Qasim Authority, Bin Qasim, Karachi

Port Qasim was established through an Act of parliament on 29th June 1973. It is in Karachi’s Phitti creek of the Indus delta region. The port started operation in 1980 with a dedicated Iron Ore Coal Berth for the bulk handling of imports of raw materials for Pakistan Steel Mill. Port Qasim is well connected to the hinterland through all modes of transportation. It connects directly to the national highway, motorway network leading to Afghanistan, CARs, and the CPEC Routes. Port operations run 24/7. 

Gwadar Port Authority, Gwadar

Gwadar is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the western province of Balochistan. It is about 533 km from Karachi and 120 km from the Iranian border. Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside the Straits of Hormuz, near the key shipping routes in and out of the Persian Gulf. Against this background, it was deemed timely to construct and inaugurate a third deep-sea port for Pakistan so as to ensure that national development is not hampered by a lack of national port capacity in the future. Given the expected rapid growth in demand for port capacity, it is likewise important to continue expanding the capacity of Gwadar port over the coming decades.

Karachi Port Trust, Karachi

Karachi Port Trust (KPT) is a federally administered public sector organization that oversees the operations of Karachi Port. It is responsible to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan but exists and operates as a Trust working under a Board of Trustees legally separate from the Federal Government. 

Jinnah Naval Base, Ormara

Jinnah Naval Base is situated about 240 km west (149 miles) of Karachi at Ormara in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. By land, via the Makran Coastal Highway, it is 350 km (217.48 miles) from Karachi and 285 km from Gwadar. The Ministry of Defence approved the proposal of constructing the naval base away from the maritime boundaries of India, and initially awarded the contract to two European countries Belgium and Turkey– with the groundbreaking ceremony taking place on 17 March 1994. In April 2014, Pakistan Navy announced that it is in the process of shifting primary operations and naval assets, including its entire fleet of diesel-electric submarines (SSKs), from Karachi to the Jinnah Naval Base in Ormara. 

Other Customers Include: 

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Teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.


Experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.


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