10 Social Media Platforms You Need to Know in 2022

10 Social Media Platforms You Need to Know in 2022

In a world where businesses are increasingly opting for e-commerce, social media marketing plays a huge role in attracting more customers, and thus generating sales. While different firms offer several kinds of social media marketing campaigns consisting of many different platforms, it is vital to know which platform is the most suited to your business. Planning of social media marketing for small businesses, for instance, can vary from the best social media marketing strategy for larger businesses. Let us look at different platforms and how to choose the best platform for your business.

  1. Facebook

Facebook can be used in many beneficial ways for business. Small businesses can reap benefits from Facebook groups based on different demographics; a business with women as their target clients can make use of women-only groups on Facebook to promote their businesses. In addition, careful and planned Facebook ads management can make businesses showcase their products and services to the right demographic much more conveniently and quickly as compared to off-the-web marketing. Facebook ads cost effectively enable business owners to ensure that their products are seen and appreciated by a wider range of audience. Consumers often visit social media platforms handles of businesses in search of reviews and ratings; so Facebook can also serve as a great way to display positive and genuine testimonies from existing clients to attract more business.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is not just about colourful photos and reels. In fact, as of 2021, 90% of Instagram users follow a business, and 36.2% of users make use of Instagram browsing in order to make purchase decisions. Businesses can draft Instagram marketing strategies based on several useful statistics offered by Instagram business accounts, such as accounts reached, accounts engaged, shares, etc. In addition, businesses can make smart use of Instagram influencer marketing by approaching influencers to try and review their products to their respective followers. This way, a wide range of users get access to details of your products by a trusted figure. This not only gives your brand more exposure, it also establishes clients’ trust in your work. The best advertising agencies on Instagram customize a plan suited for your business requirements; our marketing professionals at SI Global make it a point to cater to all your specific concerns regarding Instagram marketing services.

  1. YouTube

Enjoying the prestige of the world’s second biggest search engine, YouTube provides businesses with a platform to market their products to the widest range of people on any video-streaming website, and thus, becomes an ideal space to share longer videos. Types of business-related videos that can be shared on YouTube include BTS (behind-the-scenes) footages, videos where customers get to know about the business owners and employees, and informational videos about the business’ products. In addition to long videos, YouTube has also been working on promoting Shorts (short videos to help with promotional content), which makes YT a one-for-all video-marketing space. Businesses can also benefit from YouTube advertising services; but the question arises, how to grow your YouTube channel? For this, social media advertising agencies like SI Global Solutions that niche in YouTube advertising services like are there to assist you.

  1. Tiktok

Although it began as a past-time for younger demographic groups, Tiktok has recently been gaining popularity among users of all age-groups, including business owners. This is because Tiktok enables users to make creative, easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing short videos in a shorter amount of time as compared to other video-making apps. Tiktok also connects users based on common interests and views, which increases the chances of businesses reaching their targeted audience. Tiktok is a fun and engaging way of marketing your products and it is worth the effort to jump on the bandwagon, as it offers easy and quick returns.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp for Business provides customers with a platform to interact with businesses directly; this establishes trust in the brand, because most customers value their convenience above anything else. If a business provides WhatsApp access, customers are more likely to approach them, because over two billion active monthly users make use of WhatsApp, making it the world’s most popular messaging app. It is also easier to facilitate marketing via word-of-mouth through a WhatsApp handle, because it is easier for customers to forward a business number to their friends as compared to sharing links of different social media platforms.

  1. Snapchat

technically a messaging app, Snapchat provides users with the opportunity to market their products and services through their stories option, where users can create engaging content related to their niche, and Snapchat makes it visible to users interested in the respective niche. For instance, a make-up enthusiast (who subscribes to make-up related stories) may be shown stories by a make-up artist in her area, and so on. In addition, the option to create engaging Snapchat filters related to your business can also serve as good marketing.

  1. LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is a major source of information regarding your business, and your perceived brand identity for other businesses as well as customers. The more “social” you are on LinkedIn; the more likely you are to attract business. It is vital to regularly update your profile with any recent achievements, team-building activities or new product launches, so that your profile encapsulates your brand identity and effectively connects you to the relevant audience

  1. Twitter

Unlike other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Twitter does not offer advertising services. However, a Twitter marketing strategy can prove to be very successful in terms of marketing if the strategy focuses on creating a politically correct and favourable brand identity on social media. A brand can gain a lot of new followers (and by extension, customers) by meaningfully contributing towards trending topics.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest enables users to share content as “pins”, which connect you to customers looking for products and services offered by your business. The platform is especially beneficial for industries that primarily deal with niches, such as small-scale clothing, designing, and catering businesses.

  1. Clubhouse

Clubhouse offers businesses with an opportunity to connect with like-minded business owners and dealers within t9busiheir industries, and to create new partnerships. It can be a great source of marketing for B2B (business-to-business) dealing, and can also provide business owners with an opportunity for mentorship, which attracts young and hardworking employees to the business.

With this plethora of social media marketing platforms available out there, the choice of social media platform made by your social media marketing agency can make or break your marketing strategy. It is important to entrust your social media marketing to a firm that is open to your specific requirements, and that values your ideas.

At SI Global Solutions, our clients are our first and foremost priority, and we offer our social media them with creative and engaging marketing ideas that turn their ideas for their businesses into a reality. We believe in strong business-client communication, so that we are able to facilitate our clients with creating brand-identities that fully resonate with their views. For more information on our social media services, feel free to contact us here.