After setting your campaign goals and creating your marketing mix, stay engaged and track your success on all the social media channels you choose. Be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube or even all of them.

Post Regularly

The main reason companies fail on social media is because they don’t post actively. Make sure your campaign is successful by motivating, posting compelling and educational content, scheduling posts, and posting carefully selected content. However, it is important to understand that building a social presence can be time-consuming. The only way to zoom in on the page to get these results is to post regularly. That way, you’re always in the feed of your followers. With enough content on social media, users will have a better understanding of your brand and the products/services you offer, and they are more likely to follow suit.

Post Informative Content

Post engaging and educational content Posting fun and educational content not only adds value to your followers but also builds brand credibility and loyalty. People are more likely to follow and buy products/services from brands that they believe are experts in their field. For example, a makeup company can teach followers how to apply foundation properly and how to create different eyeshadow looks. Another example is a digital marketing company that creates posts to get more followers on social media. Schedule posts Posting schedules are a great way to be active on social media. The benefits of scheduling posts are: Save hours. You don’t have to rely on WiFi to post. Helps keep you consistent when posting. You can preview your monthly publishing schedule to see if there is any missing content. That way you can stay ahead of the game.

Plan Your Posts

There are many free and paid tools for post-planning. The easiest and cheapest option is the free app scheduling feature built into social media apps. For example, Facebook has a built-in post scheduler that you can use to schedule posts on your linked Instagram account.

Paid social media post-scheduling options include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Content Cal, and Falcon. A paid scheduling program allows you to schedule posts on any platform. It’s also great for social media teams to collaborate on release plans. Post-curated content Creating compelling content every day can be difficult, so it’s a good idea to also post relevant, carefully selected content. Curated content is content created by a third party. When curated content is done correctly, it’s as valuable as posting your content. For example, an art supply company might republish someone’s artwork or blog post to compare different types of brushes. Another example is a digital media company that publishes articles on the latest social media trends. To ensure that a topic is useful and reliable, it is important to survey sharing selected content. It is also important to give credit to the original content creator.

Interact with followers

Interact with followers The final tip to staying active is to interact with your followers daily. You can connect with your followers by joining a conversation, asking a question, replying to a comment, liking or commenting on a post, or sending a message directly. All of the above actions send notifications to your followers and remind you of your brand. Another way to interact with your followers is to use surveys and questions. You can ask your followers personal questions such as “How was it today” or brand questions such as “Which products do you want us to see in the future?” tips for monitoring your activity and success.

Monitor your growth and current campaigns

Not only is it important to stay active on social media, but you also need to monitor your activity and success. If you still don’t get the results you expect, it’s time to reassess your campaign goals, marketing mix, and posted content.

Here are some tips to help you monitor your activity and success. Analyze Insights Creating a business account on social media gives you access to free social media insights. With Insights, you can analyze reach, content interactions, impressions, audience demographics, and more. You can also analyze likes, followers, and shares for each post. Your insights can help you see what content is reaching your viewers and what isn’t. You can also analyze whether your content is being consumed by your audience. It’s important to check your insights as often as possible so that you can see if your reach or impressions have changed. If small fluctuations are normal, but the numbers have dropped significantly, go back and adjust your campaign strategy.

Track URL clicks Another great way to monitor success is to use URL clicks. When someone clicks on your URL, it means they not only interacted with your social media but also took the next step to learn more about your brand. When someone clicks on your URL link, they are one step closer to purchasing your product/service. Track URL clicks through the insights available for your social media account. Watch your clicks regularly to see what type of content is causing your users to click on your website or URL. For a more detailed analysis of the, check out social media measurement tools such as Hootsuite Analytics, Keyhole, Sprout Social, and Agorapulse.

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