How to Manage A Successful Social Media Campaign in 4 Steps: Step 2

How to Manage A Successful Social Media Campaign in 4 Steps: Step 2

Step 2: Select the appropriate social channel

Given that there are over 60 different social channels, deciding which social channel to use can be scary. Many people feel that a successful campaign requires active activity on all social channels. However, this is impossible to manage efficiently. Here’s a guide to social media marketing channels to give you a glimpse into the most popular social channels


Start with Facebook, the largest social channel. With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a great place to promote your campaign. Facebook marketing can be used to target any demographic, but users over the age of 65 are Facebook’s fastest-growing group. If your campaign’s goal is to create a loyal customer community to discuss and promote your campaign, Facebook is the platform for you. Facebook has a Facebook group that isn’t as intimate as group messages but is intimate enough for brands to interact directly with their customers. Groups are great for starting conversations, getting feedback from customers, asking and answering important questions, and building deeper connections with customers overall.


Instagram is the most popular social platform app with about 1 billion monthly active users. Insta uses visually appealing photos, videos and stories to generate likes and followers. Like Facebook, IG attracts all demographics. However, it is popular with young users. If your campaign’s goal is to appeal to younger audiences through aesthetically pleasing content, use Instagram. Instagram is perfect for grocery, art, beauty and retail-related businesses. Their growing Instagram influencer market also provides a great way for brands to increase brand awareness and increase sales. Viewers are more likely to buy when they see their favourite influencers promoting their products.


YouTube is by far the most popular video-based social platform with 2 billion+ monthly users. Even with a very large number of users, many companies do not consider YouTube as a social platform, so they miss the opportunity to place ads on YouTube. The platform is full of amateur creators, influencers and YouTube users who make a living from videos. This allows brands to work with influencers to reach more people. YouTube also allows creators to monetize their videos. This is a great way to make additional revenue, especially for small businesses. YouTube supports all demographics but is primarily used by users under the age of 50. If your campaign’s goal is to get the viewer’s attention through compelling videos, YouTube is probably the best choice.


Twitter is a social messaging platform with approximately 330 million monthly active users. It is primarily used to discuss secular events and start trendy conversations. Twitter is unique in that brands can talk to their audience with less than 280 characters. Insightful content is key to success on Twitter as people use Twitter to receive messages, connect with others, and learn new and interesting things. Content should not only be tailored to the relevant event but should also include current trends. If your campaign’s goal is to disseminate and arouse curiosity by sharing compelling content with your audience, add Twitter to your social channel mix.


LinkedIn is a professional social platform used by businesses and individuals to showcase their skills, educate their readers, and find job opportunities. LI is a powerful platform because most of the 300 million monthly users have the power to make decisions for large companies. LinkedIn is ideal for sharing educational content, inter-company advertising, and inter-company advertising. LinkedIn allows you to identify your target audience, which is not possible on many other platforms. You can narrow down your target audience based on the company name, degree, job title, seniority, skills, company growth, and more. If your campaign targets professionals and other companies and the goal of your social media campaign are to train your readers to increase brand awareness, you should consider LinkedIn as one of your social channels.

Upcoming Social Media Channels

Although the main contenders for the best social media marketing channels have already been named, there are a few others that should be named.


TikTok has quickly made its name as one of the largest video sharing applications amongst users today. Short, snappy videos that catch the viewers attention and deliver a message at the same time. In nearly 3 years, TikTok has amassed a user base of over a billion. TikTok can be one of the lead social media channels you would want to consider for your marketing strategies if you want to attract a young audience. considering that TikTok’s user base is mostly comprised of people below the age of 25.


Pinterest is also one of the few platforms that can help you grow your business, especially if your business focuses more on news, blogs and other helpful tips. Unlike TikTok, Pinterest’s niche audience is mostly made up of Millennials and other older generations . So if that is who you wish to target, then Pinterest might be your go-to option.

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