Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

Gen Z, TikTok, and artificial intelligence – they are not just the future, they are the present and brands should pay attention to them in 2023. It’s time to stop thinking and be proactive with new technologies to align with the top trends in digital marketing in Pakistan for 2023.

Ready to enter? If you want to be ahead of the curve in this year’s digital marketing game, you have to be aware of some top trends. To simplify things a bit, we’ve broken down the top digital marketing trends you should know about in 2023.

1. Focus On Your Social Impact Strategy

It’s nothing new for brands to challenge their values. But putting impact strategy at the forefront of digital marketing strategy reflects a shift in how brands are positioned in response to global events.

It goes beyond just responding to catastrophes and socio-political events. Consumers want brands that act proactively, with integrity and discretion. centered around the values ​​and morals they uphold. From a digital marketing perspective, incorporating social concerns into a brand’s overarching mission is not a ‘trend’ per se, but a natural connotation of what it means to be a value-driven brand in today’s world. Social media content, graphics, email themes, and more need to influence and factor into your social impact strategy.

2. Youth-Centric Marketing

Gen Z is not just a “next generation” consumer group. They are the current generation and have a purchasing power of $143 billion and will account for more than 40% of US consumers in 2021. In addition to their impressive consumer power, Gen Z is pioneering the way we see and interact with brands, primarily through youth-dominated platforms like TikTok. Despite traditional marketing methods, they choose to only engage with brands that truly appeal to their interests and communication methods. Gen Z want companies to be honest, transparent, real, and authentic.

Younger generations are increasingly reluctant to feel like they are being sold a product. They prefer short video content with eye-catching visuals, so a softer, video-based campaign that communicates their values ​​is best if you want to attract this market. Shape your brand identity to their liking. For example, research shows that Gen Z sees hope, motivation, and togetherness in bright colors in an often spooky world.

Don’t just scribble sour on your marketing materials and call things “lit.” A brand that truly resonates with younger generations focuses on developing its personality as more than a trend in 2023. This is the beginning of how all brands need to position themselves, from the brightest and most colorful aesthetics that are most appealing to Gen Z, to true brands. The mission and individuality are what they value above all else.

3. Authentic And Human Branded Content

Gen Z isn’t the only generation that wants to connect with brands on a deeper level. In light of recent global events, most people want light reassurance in their daily lives, including brand adjustments.

Fashion brand Aerie’s AerieREAL campaign emphasizes authenticity through digital marketing rather than focusing on Aerie models. Creating digital content that features real human personalities with everything we want in a relationship: humor, vulnerability, and honesty will build brand loyalty in 2023.

An effective way to create these bonds is to feature characters and mascots throughout your digital marketing, including videos, emails, and app design.

Of course, your persona should be relevant and authoritative across your brand. A fun and friendly face that your target customer will find relatable is a great way to generate loyalty through digital marketing.

Ultimately, we are moving beyond perfectly curated social feeds to more realistic, gritty and raw spaces. Consumers want to be reminded that the people behind the brand have the same experiences in the same world. They want to align with your brand personality on a more personal and meaningful level before committing to your brand or service.

4. Audio-First Marketing

The impact TikTok has on the world of digital marketing cannot be overstated. But one of the more novel effects it has had on the scene is the rise of audio-first content. This especially stems from TikTok being positioned not just as a social platform for videos, but as a social platform for all kinds of voice-based content.

90% of people who regularly use TikTok consider sound to be an integral part of their platform experience, and using a distinctive tone makes it eight times more likely to recall branded content. Audio-first as a digital marketing strategy is incorporated in a variety of advertisements you see online, including how-to guides, product highlights and teasers, and behind-the-scenes snaps. A lot of firms, e.g. the firms offering PPC management services in Pakistan, also offer audio-first marketing services.

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