How You Can Get The Best Google Adwords Services

How You Can Get The Best Google Adwords Services

This article describes how businesses can find partners to run Google AdWords Services (now called Google Ads) campaigns. The best of his AdWords managed services partners have experience working with different categories and business-specific niches and topics.

What To Know Before Starting Google Ads

Before we delve into the types of Google Ads and their best practices, let’s take a quick look at some key terms you need to know to understand how Google Ads work.

Google Ads

Google Ads was first released in October 2000 and was initially called Google AdWords. The best Google ads compete with organic search results by appearing in critical areas like the top, bottom, and within the map. Google Ads is an advertising service that allows you to promote your business by placing ads in Google’s search results and its network. It is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solution where advertisers pay for each click or impression of their ad.


Google Ads work like an auction. When you advertise on Google, you must choose the maximum amount (bid) you are willing to pay for a particular action on your ad. Higher bids naturally lead to better ad placements.

  • CPC (cost per click) – The amount you pay for a click on your ad.
  • CPM (Cost per Mille) – the number of times your ad appears to people

Advertising campaign

A series of ads with the same budget and location targeting but different settings


A word or phrase that describes a product or service. Keywords determine when and where your ads appear, so choose keywords that best match the search intent of your ideal customer.


When a user performs a desired action such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.You’ll learn more terminology when you start running your first advertising campaign, but that’s enough to get you started with this article.

The Types Of Google Adwords

There are several forms of Google Ads that you can make the most out of using some of our best practices that we’ve mentioned later in the article. However, the main types of Google Ads that you need to concern yourself with are as follows:

  • Search – Text ads in Google search results
  • Display – Image ads on various websites or Gmail
  • Video – Video Ads on YouTube
  • Shopping – Product Listings on Google
  • App – Promote your app on many channels
  • Smart – automated, simplified advertising across Google and the web
  • Local – take the customer to a physical location
  • Discovery – Show ads through Google’s feed when it’s open


How We Can Upgrade Your Google Adword Strategy

As an experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore, we’re well versed with the best practices that Google favours when curating a Google Ads Strategy.

Some of the best practices we follow are as follows:

Using a PPC Planner:

A planner helps you organize your PPC projects. With Google’s PPC planning templates, you can see how your ads look online, see word counts, and manage your campaigns in one place.

Avoid broad keyword terms:

That’s why testing and optimization should be part of your strategy. If your keywords are narrow enough, Google will show your ads in front of the right audience. See what works (i.e., which keywords are driving clicks) and adjust your ads to best suit your audience. It may not work at first, but keep adding, removing, and optimizing keywords until it works.

  • Improve your Quality Score (QS)


Quality Score (QS) determines how Google ranks your ads.

The higher your QS, the higher your rank, and ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). A lower Quality Score means less interest in your ad and less chance of a conversion.

  • Optimize your ad’s landing page


Efforts should continue after advertising. Post-click user experience is equally important

Is your landing page optimized for conversions? Does your page solve a user problem or answer a question? Users should experience a seamless transition through the conversion process.

If your AdWords management agency is more experienced but needs a landing page optimized for small businesses, you’re working on lowering your cost per acquisition.

Ad campaigns of all kinds must be continuously optimized for better results. The set-and-forget concept should not be part of the managed services vocabulary. By experimenting with different campaigns and optimizing your landing pages, load speed, and user experience, you can reduce your cost per click and increase your ad revenue.

Her PPC management by an experienced account manager helps business owners get better results from her AdWords account. AdWords managed services need partners to work with to increase conversions and lower cost per acquisition. Conversion rate optimization helps you get more conversions at a lower price. Optimizing keywords, landing pages, and ad copy will improve quality and results.


To sum up, google adwords carries a lot of opportunities but also carries risks associated with it and both should be carefully examined before making any final decision. To find out more and get in touch with our data center experts in Dubai; contact us via


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