WordPress Security Tips to Make Your Website More Secure

WordPress Security Tips to Make Your Website More Secure

There is no doubt that WordPress has been and still is one of the most used and popular CMS’s (Customer Management System). On average, almost 30% of all websites existing today are on WordPress. However, as this platform has become very frequently used, hackers have also made it their best activity to hack websites built on WordPress. Now, here are some things that you can do to keep your WordPress website secure.

5 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site

Let us get right to it – here are five important tips that you can apply to your website:

1.      Subscribe to a Good Hosting Company

Where you get your hosting from, matters. Some people take this lightly but, a good hosting service ensures that there are no bugs, viruses, or risks of hacking on their clients’ websites. They use multiple layers of security to ensure this. A web hosting service that is not good enough does not invest in taking the right measures. Therefore, you need to choose your hosting company wisely. An additional benefit of choosing a good hosting service is that it can speed up your website significantly.

2.      Do not Use Outdated Themes

It is necessary to use the latest themes because creators remove the weaknesses and make the designs better. Highly skilled developers test them on multiple platforms, customize them to make them securer and easier to use. Nowadays, outdated themes are easier to crack whereas new themes are less easy to hack. Besides, outdated themes often fail to keep up with the updates WordPress keeps getting, and eventually, the website may crash. Outdated themes also limit your options when it comes to using security plugins.

3.      Setup the WordPress Security Plugin

Checking the security of your website and making sure there is no malware can be very hectic. Luckily now WordPress security plugins work amazingly to ensure that the website remains secure. You can check the website regularly for any suspicious activity through the plugin and take necessary action easily. You can blacklist IPs, users, and emails to protect your website. WordPress security plugins make life so much easier.

4.      Make a Strong Password

There is no doubt that the more complex your password is the harder it is to hack the website. Passwords like abcd1234 or numbers like 1234 have become easy to guess. You need to change these passwords if you have not already. If you think hackers have not already figured out ways to get these passwords then you are taking things too easy. We recommend that you use complex alphanumeric passwords mixed with symbols, for example, jhgs@12#$*($&12.

5.      Disable File Editing

When setting up your WordPress, the editor function in the dashboard. It allows you to edit the plugins and themes. You can also access this from the Appearance option. However, we recommend that you disable this once your WordPress website is live. The reason is that when a hacker accesses your website, they inject malicious codes into the plugin and theme. You will not notice that something is not right until it is too late. Therefore, we insist on you disabling the edit plug option in your theme. To do this on your own, here is a code:

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

Paste this code into the wp-config.php file.

Hope these tips help! For more assistance, contact us.