Five Key Features of an Effective Asset Management System

Five Key Features of an Effective Asset Management System

Most of the organizations nowadays depend on the asset management system to record and locate product information. Apart from benefits, there are some key features that an effective management system has to run a successful business. We know that this system is cost-effective and efficient, but we do not know the characteristics that contribute to these benefits. Let’s have a look!

Information about the data

The asset management system should be efficient enough to inform the members about the faulty and missing data. It should keep the team updated as to what is the status of the items. Furthermore, it should also keep informing about the maintenance needs. If the software is incapable of doing it, then you shouldn’t spend on buying it.


There is no use of an asset management system if it isn’t automated. Technological development is all about automation and that’s what you expect from an asset management system while working in an organization. It should be capable enough of sending members a red alert when an asset goes down the level and when there is a need for maintenance. When everything is automated, it reduces time and cost, thereby enhancing productivity.

Tracking and Reporting of Assets

Other than informing, a good asset management system should have tracking and reporting data features. Tracking assets is of utmost importance as it involves the knowledge and location of the product, and also tells who is using it. Therefore, it ensures security that is yet another key feature of an effective asset management system. When it tracks an asset, it notifies the team about it, which, in turn, helps them in creating a detailed report about it.

Compatible with all Devices

Effective management software should be compatible to work with all the devices including iPhones, Android phones, laptops, and desktop. If it is confined to a particular gadget, chances are its effectiveness won’t be as good as expected. Each member on the team owns a different device; therefore, restricting it to a particular gadget may not enable everyone to use it. Therefore, it should be made to work on any device and from anywhere at all. This helps in easy tracking and updating.

Exclusive Database for Different Assets

An efficient asset management system has different databases for each category. It should not have all the information on a single folder, otherwise tracking would be complicated. Some systems work this way, but their effectiveness is much lesser than those having separate databases. It simplifies the task a lot and also makes it easier for the team to work in an organized manner.

In Pakistan, companies are now opting for advanced technological methods to increase productivity. One such technique is an asset management system that helps in tracking and recording valuable assets, thereby saving them from wasting. Successful organizations such as SIGBL rely on these methods and show amazingly précised results and increased productivity.