Content Writing vs Copy Writing: What are Key Differences?

Content Writing vs Copy Writing: What are Key Differences?

You may have treated content and copywriting the same way, but they are most definitely different from each other. Even though being close enough, there are some obvious differences that we will talk about as the article unfolds. Being a newbie writer, you should know the major differences between copy and content writing, as both have different requirements. Let’s look into the distinguishing features of both!

They Have Different Purposes

The major difference between both types of writings is the purpose. Copywriting is advertorial in nature, and it is all about branding. It is selling your image and be précised about the written content.

On the other hand, content writing is subtly telling about your business while delivering valuable content. It isn’t precise, but detailed in nature and educates a customer regarding different aspects of your business. To put it in simple words, copywriting precisely exposes what your brand is about; however, content writing passes valuable information to your customer.

However, despite having different purposes, both types of writing share a similarity, and that is to convert a reader or a visitor into a customer. Even though working differently, both share a common goal.

Copywriters and Content Writers are Different

The job descriptions for copy and content writers are different. A copywriter writes a copy; however, the content writer writes content. The job of a copywriter is all about producing copy that mainly deals with advertorial stuff. However, that of content writer’s job involves creating unique, plagiarism-free, and quality content. A content writer has to convince the audience to become customers through valuable content. Unlike copywriters, the products of content writers aren’t their trade as they do not only deal with the marketing and advertisement.

Different Types of Writings

This will help you in understanding the major difference between both. As mentioned above, a copywriter writes a copy, and a content writer writes content. Now, the question is what kind of copy and content, right? That’s where the major difference lies!

Being advertorial in nature, copywriting involves online and offline ads, web page content, slogans and taglines, commercial scripts, video scripts, billboards, brochures, press releases, email campaigns, postcards, jingle lyrics, direct mail letters, social media, and jingle lyrics.

On the other hand, content writing examples include blog posts, guest articles, newspaper articles, e-books, books, email newsletters, magazine features, white papers, social media posts, print magazines, podcasts, film, television, radio, etc.

Value of Money

The shorter in length, the valuable the content! The copywriting material is précised but more valuable than content writing. The copywriters are paid more than content writers as the advertisement industry earns more than any other business on the web. However, it doesn’t mean content writing isn’t valuable. The content writers, too, are paid well, but just not as good as copywriters.

Now, it’s you who have to decide whether you want to choose copywriting or content writing as your career. You can certainly choose both, but you will have a flair for one. So, know that and stick to it.