Why Blog Logos Are Important For Your Website And How To Make The Best One

Why Blog Logos Are Important For Your Website And How To Make The Best One

You’re ready to pick a niche, launch a blog or website, and finish your website before you go live and send your message to the world. An important website design got in the way, so let’s end your blog with a cool logo! Logo design services in USA, Canada or elsewhere are very important in order to help your business grow.

Every blog and website needs a logo, whether it’s a small business blogger or a hobbyist blogger with a wealth of knowledge on a particular topic.  Don’t take this the wrong way, your logo isn’t just for your blog. You will also use it on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote our blogs and personal brands.

Why Do You Need A Blog Logo?

For better or for worse, there are millions of other bloggers out there that may already cover what you want to write. In fact, the WordPress platform has over 20 billion blog post views, and 77% of web surfers (that is, pretty much everyone) routinely read blogs for information.

When people first visit your website, they need a way to remember you from all the other blogs in your niche. If you lose your readers, they may find you again, unless they have a logo (visual clue) that helps them find you.

Here’s some of the reasons why you need custom logo design services in USA or elsewhere

Gives A Good First Impression
If well designed, it will immediately attract readers’ interest and encourage them to visit your site.

Position Yourself As An Authority
The logo indicates to the reader that your blog is professional and qualified to write on the topic in question.

It Enhances Brand Awareness
As part of your brand, the logo will help you stand out in your niche and generate recognition from your readers.

Create An Identity For Your Brand
Your logo is the foundation of your brand and helps you make emotional connections with your audience that turn them into loyal readers.

Some Easy Steps to Design Your Blog Logo

Know Your Audience

This is arguably the most important part of the entire logo design process, as it will affect the rest of the decisions you make in the next step.

Whether it’s a lifestyle, fashion, travel, or personal finance blog, the logo you design needs to resonate with a particular audience to be effective.

Consider your topic and then consider who the ideal reader for that topic might be. What kind of people does your blog attract? Who do you want to contact? Make a note of certain details about your target audience, such as suspicious demographics and hobbies.

Why is this relevant? Logos with bold fonts and multiple bright and shocking colours are not suitable for blogs related to mental health and awareness. Like blogs about healthy living, the minimalist-style logo and main colour are black, so you can’t satisfy your target audience.

Before proceeding to Step 2, make sure you are familiar with the types of people you want to attract to your blog.

Create A Unique And Recognizable Colour Palette

The colour used for the logo should match or complement the colour scheme of your blog or website.

If you haven’t selected a website theme yet, you have all the power. You can build your theme around your logo! However, at this point, most bloggers are already running their websites and usually come with a template

It’s important to know that the colour you choose conveys a particular emotion to your audience. Each colour has its own “individuality” that influences people to unknowingly feel or think about something specific. For example, red evokes passion and energy, and blue evokes self-confidence, strength, and credibility. Learn about colour psychology before deciding on a logo colour palette.

You also need to know which logo colour combinations work and which do not. Just as you want your logo colours to complement your website, you also need to make sure they complement each other in appearance and meaning.

When deciding on the colour of the logo, choose a total of two or three. Beyond that, you can mistake the message for an overloaded design.

Digital media such as blogs and websites make colourful logos more tolerant, but when branding offline you need a good-looking logo in print, just like online.


Now that you know how to make a logo for your blog, it’s time to get to work.

Many bloggers view blog and website logo design as an afterthought, something that’s not important but if you want to make a good impression on your audience and come across as professional and credible, you need a well-designed logo to make your mark on the web and stand out from the competition

When you’re ready to begin designing, get the help of one of the best custom logo design company in USA, Canada, UAE and Pakistan.

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