The Importance of Security and Surveillance in Businesses

The Importance of Security and Surveillance in Businesses

Being a business owner, especially in Pakistan – be it a large scale or a small business – comes with its share of risks. Your business is a manifestation of your ideas, hard work, intellectual and physical capital, and in order for it to sustain and grow, it is vital to take necessary steps and precautions to protect your employees, merchandise and customers from any threats. This article basically highlights reasons why it is more important than we often realize to install security and surveillance in your workplaces, and continues to enlighten readers on how this installation can be executed.

Firstly and fore-mostly, theft and stealing in workplaces is extremely common. Prevention of burglary and shoplifting is clearly one of the most important roles of security systems. Not only does CCTV and video surveillance help you prevent robberies, it also assists you in identification and prosecution of the guilty in case such unfortunate occurrence taking place. Surprisingly, it is not always outsiders who steal from your business. According to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce, about 75% of employees steal regularly from their workplaces. To be able to avoid workplace theft and to easily hold the ones who commit it accountable, it is important to have proof, which would be possible through security and surveillance solutions.

In addition, security and surveillance solutions can also assist business owners in keeping a check on their families’ safety. This can be done by forming a connection between the live footage from security cameras and the person’s mobile device. Not only does this give you a constant sense of safety and mental well-being, but also comes in handy in preventing or investigating any street crimes in your area.

Moreover, in recent times, awareness about concepts like workplace sexual and verbal harassment has grown quite a lot, and a lot of cases have come to light too. In such times, it is a necessity to keep a check on your employees, and to have a record of their doings, as to hold them accountable and to successfully be able to put things in black and white in case of an allegation. If there is no record, culprits are likely to get away with their wrong-doings, which results in injustice done to the victim and this eventually disturbs the entire work-place dynamic.

 Given the importance of security and surveillance systems in a business, one might wonder, how to do it in a smart way? What are the best spots to install surveillance solutions at? As a general rule, it is vital to have CCTV cameras on spots like reception, cash counters, transaction points and customer waiting areas. In addition, it is equally important to keep a check on the exterior of your office as well. Outdoor surveillance, including entrances and exits, is especially important in the unfortunate event of a burglary or potential theft, as cameras around your parking lot, entrances and walkways can capture faces and license plate numbers. Lastly, storage areas should also have security surveillance installation, as it is important to protect a business’ archives from any disloyal employees or clients.

Security and surveillance is an elaborate process and you must have a lot of questions popping up in your mind, like is it worth it? Or how much will it cost me? Luckily, you are at the right place. We at SI Global Solutions, in addition to providing the best security and surveillance installation services in town, also offer expert consultation beforehand, which helps you make a better and informed decision. Our expertise includes access control, video surveillance, and integrated physical/logical security and intrusion alarms. For further details and consultation, please contact us here: