How Trends Can Help Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022

How Trends Can Help Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022

There is no doubt that due to the rapid advancement of technology and Social Media, many fields, including Social media marketing strategy have benefited greatly and have helped customers reach their Marketing goals in new and efficient ways. One of these is helping users keep up with Industry trends, advancing their growth within their audience.

Social Media Marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing, helps the user stay in touch with all the latest trends, by either promoting them directly or showing how the competition has jumped on the bandwagon. An example of this can be how, various companies started using Twitter in an informal and child-like manner, after The Fast-food  Chain; Wendy’s started calling out their competitors in a similar manner. The child-like, informal tone used by multiple restaurants created a sense of relatability amongst their audiences. This could not have been done in such a successful manner anywhere outside of Twitter, or Social Media as a whole. the brand has mastered the act of sending out fun, sarcastic tweets, but this hasn’t always been the case.

Around 2017, Wendy’s realized their professional corporate social media strategy wasn’t gaining as much traction. The tiring approval process wasn’t enough to create an organic, engaged audience, so they eliminated bureaucratic reviews for their Twitter account. After strengthening their social team, Wendy’s has advanced as one of the most effective and recognizable brands online. Their commitment to tone and individuality makes the brand a funhouse, transforming the Twitter account from a one-way communication machine into a battlefield of banter.

Moving aside from Twitter, we can see more corporate pages doing the same thing over multiple platforms, in order to gain relevancy, the latest fad or internet trend was incorporated into posts on Instagram and videos on YouTube or TikTok, making them stand out from the rest of their competition.

How you can incorporate trends into your Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022

The best way to incorporate the recent trends for your social media marketing strategy, in order to help your business grow can be broken down into three essentials:

1- Keep up with the latest trends

The best way in order to incorporate trends is to keep up with them via the use of Social Media Platforms themselves. The regular use of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is a proven method of helping you identify the latest trends.

2- Identify your audience

Identifying your audience is key to any inbound marketing strategy but when it comes to trends, you need to figure out which trends your audience will love and what they might not. Some trends are also locational, some might be popular in the United States of America (USA) for example, but if your audience is based in France, Germany or The United Kingdom (UK), It can cause confusion and not deliver the desired results you may be looking for.

3- Incorporate trends into what you do

Incorporation of trends is by far the most important and last thing you should do. You cannot just expect to repost a viral video and hope to gain relevancy overnight. You must use trends creatively and tie them back to whatever services you offer.


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