Core Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses in 2022

Core Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses in 2022

In a world where digital marketing is rapidly replacing traditional forms of marketing, it is vital to consider the role that social media marketing plays in connecting small businesses to potential customers.  This article discusses 8 ways in which small businesses in Toronto can reap maximum benefits through the social media marketing agency SI Global.

1. Stick To Your Brand Image

In a nutshell, brand image is basically how you want your brand to ‘feel’. While starting to use social media platforms for your business, make sure that your social media marketing agency works with you to determine guidelines that would govern your brand image. These guidelines are rules that would consistently define how your brand looks to your customers. This can be done by deciding upon colour schemes, fonts, tone of voice, and so on. Consistency of brand image would encourage customers to return, as customers prefer to deal with ‘dependable’ brands.

2. Make Efforts To Interact With Your Target Audience

With the increase of lifestyle bloggers and influencers on Instagram, people have become accustomed to relating with online personalities and following their daily routines. As a small business in Canada or any city, you can work with your Instagram Marketing agency in Toronto to plan interactive activities for your followers; for instance, you can hold weekly quizzes on general knowledge topics using the ‘quiz’ sticker on Instagram stories. Being a brand should not stop you from becoming an ‘influencer’ of sorts; through regular interactive sessions, your brand would develop its unique ‘personality’ which people would want to know more about.

3. Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Facebook Groups

You may suggest the Facebook marketing agency working for you to join Facebook groups consisting of your target audience. For instance, if you are a young women’s clothing business, you would greatly benefit by marketing your brand on groups consisting of young women, such as all-women university groups. This would provide you with a platform to collectively reach multiple members of your target audience, which will save time as well as energy on your end.

4. Sometimes, Feel Free To Experiment!

Sticking to a consistent brand image does not mean that you must feel obliged to post the same content over and over again. In fact, that may backfire, as people get bored easily. To keep it interesting, you can experiment with different formats of content; instead of limiting your content to pictures and generic videos, you can incorporate formats such as GIFs, Instagram story boomerangs, and transition-based TikTok videos. This brings us to the next point.

5. Make Use Of Tiktok

TikTok has taken the world of social media marketing by a storm; its short videos and diverse editing options allow small businesses to be able to convey important messages in a short amount of time. These short videos catch the attention of customers as they find it easier to acquire knowledge about a brand through a small and easy-to-understand visual representation as opposed to having to read a long caption regarding it. Even larger businesses in Toronto and multi-national companies are jumping on the TikTok bandwagon in order to ensure that they stay relevant.

6. Don’t Forget To Keep Track Of Metrics

Modern-day digital marketing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide users with statistics related to share content which helps the users determine what type of content is most appreciated by their followers. The Instagram marketing firm working for you may rely on the “Insights” part on Instagram in order to determine this, and consequently, be able to change the marketing strategy (if needed) accordingly. This makes the entire process of marketing your small business to potential customers much smoother as you can clearly see which aspect of your marketing strategy is working out the best for you, and thus, you can invest more time and capital in it accordingly.

7. Partner Up With The Influencers!

In order to stay relevant during the on-going rise of influencer marketing on social media platforms, it may benefit small businesses to partner with local (as well as international) influencers to market their products. For instance, a candle-making small business may send a sample of their best-selling product to a local influencer in Toronto, who would give an honest review regarding the product on their Instagram story. By collaborating with the influencer, the small business would be able to market their product to every person who follows said influencer. This is a quick and efficient way of reaching potential customers.


Overall, all these tips only work when the social media marketing agency working for you makes consistency their number one priority. Customers like reliable brands and the best way to look reliable are to simply be available in a predictable and patterned way through your social media handles. SI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers social media marketing services for businesses based all over the world. Our professionals make sure that we bring your vision to life by operationalizing the brand image that you have in mind. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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